There are many benefits to having your very own swimming pool in the backyard. Here are just a few:

It’s a great way to just relax… Can you imagine coming home after a tense day and being able to unwind and de-stress with a glass of wine on your pool deck? Sometimes it can seem impossible to relax! That’s where a pool helps. Take a dip, forget about the world for a while. Find some time, peace and quiet to organize your thoughts.

Swimming is a very good workout… Do you have a gym membership you rarely use? Do you keep paying for it because you wanted to get into shape, but you just don’t have the will to drive all the way there after a long work day? Instead, doing laps in your pool is a great cardio workout that can help you also lose some weight and strengthen your core. All of this without having to leave your home.

A pool is fun for all ages… Do you have a bunch of restless kids at home? Maybe you watch your grandkids from time to time? A pool is a great way to let them expend their energy while you relax on a poolside lounge or a float. If you have older kids, you may be worried about them getting themselves into trouble somewhere. A pool installation can help you turn your backyard into a fun hangout for them and their friends, so they spend more time at home.

You can teach your kids to swim... Having a backyard swimming pool allows you to teach your kids how to swim one-on-one and at their pace in a relaxed environment. Once they got the basics down, they’ll have also much more opportunities to practice in your own pool than you having to drive them to the nearest public pool all the time. This also gives teen athletes a great way to train during off-season for their school’s swim team.

Your backyard will look better… If you find your backyard looks boring and offers no interesting features, a swimming pool may be the perfect fit for enhancing it. It’ll also add an element of luxury to your property and act as an inviting focal point. There are so many beautiful pool designs and additional elements such as pool decks, retaining walls, waterfalls just to mention a few, that will make your entire yard look sophisticated and relaxing.

It’s a great place for parties… Do you enjoy family and friends get-togethers? Do you love throwing parties? Well, a pool can only help! You can give your kids and their friends the best pool parties ever or invite your besties over for a backyard BBQ and a swim. The addition of a pool will give your guests a chance to cool down in the Summer. It adds also an extra entertainment option, so you don’t need to plan as many activities

You’ll never be bored… You’ve probably heard your kids say “I’m bored!” lots of times. But now you can put and end to it since you can offer them a pool which provides entertainment that the whole family can enjoy. You also won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on season passes to the water park or drive them to the community pool. Instead, they can now invite their friends over since they have a great source of fun entertainment right in their own backyard.

You can escape the Summer heat… A swimming pool will give you the opportunity to spend quality time outside. The sun will keep it heated to a nice temperature, so you can enjoy a leisurely swim or playing around with the kids, and all the while you are soaking up that vitamin D without breaking a sweat. Yes, and you most certainly can escape the Summer heat by just taking a refreshing dip for as long as you want to.

You’ll spend more time outdoors… Spending more time outside in the sunshine in your pool causes your body to naturally create and produce more Serotonin, which is the hormone that makes you feel happy. The best-known benefit of sunlight is its ability to boost the body’s vitamin D supply. In addition, many people enjoy the feeling of sunlight, and there is increasing evidence to support its many health benefits. Don’t forget to wear a good sunscreen, though. Too much happiness can turn you into a lobster!

You may sleep better… Want to hit REM sleep faster than ever? Only 30 minutes of swimming per day for a couple of days per week can produce good results and transform your sleeping patterns for the better. Of course, best is to integrate a swim into your daily routine, especially at the beginning. Swimming on a regular basis, especially just before going to bed, is a great preparation for a good night’s sleep. No more sleeping pills needed!

It adds value to your home… Are you thinking about improving the value of your home? Do you have plans selling your house down the road? You’ll likely end up doing a lot of repairs, updates and renovations before you put it out onto the market. One great update is installing an in-ground Gunite pool will add value to your home, and you, your family and friends still get to enjoy it for a few years before it’s time to move.

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