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Benefits of a Swimming Pool Installation

There are many benefits to having your very own swimming pool in the backyard. Here are just a few: It’s a great way to just relax… Can you imagine coming home after a tense day and being able to unwind and de-stress with a glass of wine on your pool deck? Sometimes it can seem impossible to relax! That’s where a pool helps. Take a dip, forget about the world for a while. Find some time, peace and quiet to organize your thoughts. Swimming is a very good workout… Do you have a gym membership you rarely use? Do you keep paying for it because you wanted to get into shape, but you just don’t have the will to drive all the way there after a long work day? Instead, doing laps in your pool is a great cardio workout that can help you also lose some weight and strengthen your core. All of this without having to leave your home. A pool is fun for all ages… Do you have a bunch of restless kids at home? Maybe you watch your grandkids from time to time? A pool is a great way to let them expend their energy while…

Drafting & Permitting

Drafting & Permitting

Rogliano Pools will obtain all permits involved for new pool construction, excavation and all other construction activity involved in your project. All construction activity and plans must comply with state and local codes.

Site Prep & Excavation

Site Prep & Excavation

After local compliance requirements are met, such as a silt fence, construction access and CBYD, your pool will be staked out with construction lines in order for you to be able to visualize where the pool will be and the elevation it will have in relation to the rest of the property. The excavation will commence directly after using transits and engineering tools in order to be able to dig within the marked area with pinpoint accuracy. Gravel is then added to the bottom of the excavated area in order to provide structural support as well as drainage beneath the future pool.

Framing Steel Plumbing Wiring

Framing, Steel, Plumbing & Wiring

First, a wooden frame in the shape of your new pool will be installed. It deliniates the outer edge of the pool walls. Next, steel reinforcements will be installed. Rebar is used to form the walls, floor, steps and spa prior to installing the shotcrete shell. This steel skeleton provides tensile support to the Gunite pool shell. The plumbing phase will begin directly after the steel installation. It includes installing skimmers, suction & return lines, light niches, spa jets and main drains. Careful hydraulic line calculations and practices will be utilized ensuring the most efficient water circulation for your pool. Then the electricians will bond all needed electrical wiring in waterproof conduits as well as other components to the steel.

Plaster Application

Plaster Application

Plastering the pool is the last step in the construction process. The most common pool finishes are made from a mixture of a specialty cement and Quartz. Other times, pool plaster can be a mix of white Portland cement and marble dust, with the addition of a variety of materials providing strength and ease of application. Plasterers can also add color additives to produce any shade of plaster, or use Quartz, glass or ceramic aggregate to add flecks of specific hues. Once applied, the pool must be filled with water. The plaster then requires a 30-day period of curing. The very same remarkable masons which installed both the waterline tiles and coping stones will also do the plastering.

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